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Luxury & Speed

There's a reason people say that life's better on the water. We welcome you aboard Bella to experience a couple hours or a full day on a private sport-yacht charter.

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A Sampling of Our Amazing Excursions

  • Brunch/Dinner in Harbor

    Wine and dine at a table for two or up to six guests. We'll cater in food and beverages so you can enjoy the best dining views in city.

  • Anchor Out Play Day

    Your private group of up to six can spend the day at great play spots!   Enjoy beautiful ocean scenery, music, food and friends.  

  • Sunset Cruises

    Experience the sun setting on the open ocean.  This may be the most romantic and serene way to close out the day. 

  • Eat, Drink and Play in Marina Del Rey


Can we bring our own food?

You bet!  We have a fridge, freezer, ice maker, cooler and grill.  Plenty of room for whatever you're looking to sip on and cook up.

Can we bring alcohol aboard?

It would be weird if you didn't.  As long as everyone is over 21, you are welcome to bring and drink whatever you like.

*Please no Red Wine or Cranberry juice. If you drink, do it responsibly*

How many people can we have?

Max 6 people (Captain and Crew does not count in this 6). This vessel is large enough to hold more but under Charter/Coast Guard regulations we are not able to.   There is another option called a Bare-Boat Charter.  There is a little more paperwork and it's a little more pricey, but it's worth it to have up to 10 guests. We can help you with the logistics, please e-mail us for more details,  BellaBoating@gmail.com

What is the 6% Wharf fee?

The city of Los Angeles owns the only commercial dock to pick-up and drop-off passengers for all legal charters.  It's called Dock 55 and to use it, 6% of your chartered price goes to the City as a Use Fee.

Can we smoke during the charter?

NO.  Just below your seats are 350 gallons of diesel fuel, plus we want to keep the boat nice for a long time to come, and burn holes are hard to repair.  You can vape responsibily.

What about Weed, man?

Since we will be on federal waters and marijuana is not federally legal, that's a big NO.  You can leave the drugs at home... you're going to have a great time without them.