First trip, what's a scooper!!??

Date: July 1st 2018

Location: San Diego to Avalon Catalina Island then to Marina Del Rey, California

Weather: Smooth Seas, Grey foggy skies around 67 degrees

After months of planning, today’s the day! June 30, 2018 we arrive in San Diego by car, so we can load up our belongings on to our new boat. After making sure she was sea worthy, we took off on to the Pacific ocean towards Catalina Island.  The seas are good the weather is foggy, a little chill in the air, but we make our three and a half hour excursion to Catalina Island for lunch. 

Since we’ve never been to the Island before we're not quite sure how to get or connect with a mooring, logically, we call the Avalon Harbor patrol on the hand held radio to tell them we have a 44' Sea Ray looking for a spot to moor for lunch.  We're told to go to the grey and red boat, so we did.  It was a pretty windy at this point so sound wasn't traveling as clear over water as it normally does. 

I call out to the two gentleman aboard the grey and red vessel. "We're looking for a mooring for a few hours!"

They don't understand and call back "don't get any closer"

It's not safe to get closer, so I walk up the side of the boat to the bow to call out to the gentlemen again.

"Give me you're scooper!" He cries back. 

Panicked and feeling silly I don't know what a scooper is, I repeat the demand back to my family aboard Bella.  "He wants our scooper"

Again and again all I hear is the word scooper from these men and to not come any closer. 

With no help from my legitimate boating family on board, confused and flustered I call back to the men "What's a scooper?!"

Finally he understands that I'm looking for a mooring ball slip number to moor my vessel and he said "No, this is a squid fishing bait boat, not the gray and red harbor patrol boat."

Holy crap! Really! We're getting blown about in our new boat and we're not even talking to the right boat! Hahaha 

We finally get to the actual grey and red  SMALL harbor patrol boat.  The Wind is very strong at this point as we come into the enclosed mooring area.  The wind is coming off the canyons and pushing our boat, we have bow thrusters but again, we're just figuring out this vessel! With a lot of effort and help from the harbor guy we were finally about to attach the boat to it's landing spot, turn off the engines and exhaling a huge sigh of relief!

We lowered the hydraulic swim-platform to let down our dinghy. We all piled in and made our way to the dinghy dock.  We stayed on Avalon for a few hours to shop and eat lunch.  My mother bought a bottle of champagne so we could have a celebratory glass! A toast to the first leg of our trip, then we made our (happily) uneventful trip to Marina del Rey - California, Bella's new home.

 Arrival to Catalina for the first time celebratory champange at catalina island charter boat