Catalina Island - 7-10 Hour Day Trip

Regular price $3,295.00

Boat rental service prices are all-inclusive to charter, taxes and fees for 6 passengers.  If you would like 7-12 passengers we need to set up a separate contract per the coastguard. It is $75 per person additional over the 6 persons. For more than 6 guests e-mail us – thank you.

**Check Available Dates to Book Your Catalina Cruise**

Boat rental service prices are all-inclusive to charter, taxes and fees.

Make visiting Catalina Island a full luxury experience by taking a private sports yacht to your destination while being catered to on the ocean.  Surround yourself around stunning crystal clear blue water as we make our way 42 nautical miles from the Los Angeles port of Marina del Rey.

Bella, can get you to the island with great speeds around 22-28 knots while also searching and slowing down to observe and photograph sea life like dolphin pods and whales.

Up to six guests can take this approximate 2 hour private ocean journey.  We encourage you to make yourself comfortable.  Spread out, put your feet up & enjoy a drink and appetizers as we whisk you away on this island getaway.

We can moor at either lively Avalon or laid back Two Harbors.  Once at our mooring spot we have a private dinghy that will get you to and from shore where you can walk around, shop and grab a bite to eat.  We can also grill up burger on the grill for you, making for one upscale picnic. 

If you're into playing in and on the water, we have 2 SUP boards for you to use and we can also take the dinghy to snorkel/dive spots (BYO equipment)

This strikingly beautiful excursion is approximately 7 hours, 2 hours boating there, 3 hours on the island, 2 hours back to Los Angeles. To extend your stay on the island just click on a longer package option.

Price Includes: 

  • Boat
  • Captain
  • Crew
  • Fuel
  • Light Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Photographer
  • Mooring Ball
  • Private Dinghy for transportation to and from the Island
  • Top Notch Service
  • Some extras that enhance the experience

Not Included:

  • Parking
  • Gratuity
  • You may bring any beverages or food items you'd like.  Please avoid red (red wine, cranberry juice) thank you.

Important: Please drink responsibly at your own risk (21+).  Do not drink then drive.

Pricing: Depends on Duration and guest count.  Price listed here are all-inclusive for up to 6 guests. It is $75 per person additional over the 6 persons. 

How to Book this Boat Rental ServiceTo select a day & time for your boating adventure for your group of up to 6 passengers, you can check the online calendar by clicking on the link and putting down a $250 Refundable Security Deposit (See Policy Page for explanation of fees & terms)

7 hour: Check Available Dates to Book Your Catalina Cruise

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9 hour: Check Available Dates to Book Your Catalina Cruise

            10 hour: Check Available Dates to Book Your Catalina Cruise

Over nights on the Island: Call to schedule

If you have questions, send us an e-mail or call us. 310-422-1114 or email


For those seeking an extended stay, overnight on the island please email us for more information. Here's a general approximately $6,250 for two full days on the water.  We could also spend the first day exploring the liveliness of Avalon spend the night, then the next day take a boat ride to Two Harbors which is an incredibly beautiful ride, grab a mooring ball here and relax at this less busy location.

  • Guests must make your own hotel sleeping accommodations. 
  • You still having access to the moored boat, dinghy and toys during the time on the island.
  • Approximately $6,250 for 2 full days on the water.

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